Waxathon 2009

The Show Begins
Fla gets ready to be ripped

Eamo takes his medicine
Anaesthetic provided by The Crossroads

Eamo gets ripped

Jason on the spot
Could this be the hairiest???

Jason Kelly
The after shot, and thats gonna hurt in the morning Jason!!!

John Kelly
Nice bit of teeth clenching Mr Chairman!!

Dave Fla
I think the girls are enjoying this!!

Mr Begley grips the bed tightly

Ger Kelly
The Legend suffers child birth like pain!!

Ray Fahy
Show us your armpits Ray

Michael Collins
Dee gets her own back.

Back, sack and crack is it Miss Christine???

Nothing left to the imagination

Jason gets his own back

Colm Treacy
Lets start with a hair count

Darren Griffen
Sorry ladies, but its there somewhere!

The Brown Bear gets defuzzed :) ouch Dekky!!!

The girls get too grips with Maurice

Just so you know young lady....I'm The President Mr. Kevin Buck,ley

The Carew
The Brothers feel the pain

the Carews
This wont hurt a bit Poggers.....honest

Tricia Enjoys

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