Club Trip To Celtic Oct 2008

Training Session
In the wildest of weathers the boys line up in their Shannon Town gear!!

The Dressing Room
Spirits are high as the training session begins.

It was a Glorious Day
The weather did little to dampen the spirits of the local council workers

The REAL dressing room.
Luke Cahill confirming that Samaras had worn this jersey the day before phewwwww

Before The Match
Eoghan does his best to shield Colm from seeing next years figure hugging away top...Off to the salad bar with you Sir!!

Dressing Room Scene
Josh explains to Matty the finer points of goalkeeping.

Real Dressing Room
The lads had tried on every top in the celtic shop but couldnt decide wether to go for the green hooped jersey or the white hooped jersey!

Press Conference
Manager Robert introduces Sam and Eoghan as the new Celtic strike force, Sam explains his last minute decision to snub Rangers

After the Match
The crowds have gone but a rowdy party from Shannon hang on to sing a last song!

Its There!
A fantastic Dive Andy.............shame the ball is already in the net :)

Colm seams to hold an item that has been coated with enriched plutonium.

High Spirits
Josh and Matty lead the cheers

Deccy gives Arron a few final words of encouragement, Arron attempts a drop kick Cantona

Keep Off The Grass
well they just about managed to stay off the grass, but the enjoyment can be seen on all the faces!

Lets Get Busy
The Training session begins and the lads get busy

The Atmosphere continues
Meanwhile the Celtic team have left the building

The Morning After
The effects of chase the ace and a heavy nights 'card schooling' take its toll, but sure whose going to ever see the evidence.

Subs Bench!
Luke ponders his next substitution, clearly some are not togged out to play...limiting his options

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