History of Wesley Webb

Born in Wicklow in 1908 a sportsman from the beginning. He held just two jobs in his life time, in the Army and up to his retirement in 1973 in the Post Office. It was his army life that first brought him to Limerick in 1945 where he met and married Kitty Houlihan and had seven children together, five girls and two boys. In 1969 while working for the post office they uprooted their family and moved to Shannon because of work commitments.

He immediately immersed himself in Shannon Town through friendships with Maeve and John Meaney, Tony Kelly, Tom Clancy, Tony O'Brien and many many others. His first love was always rugby but a true sportsman he was, loving senior and junior soccer and a great admirer of the game of hurling, he was also an avid fisherman cycling long distances in poor weather at times, in the hope of bringing home a pink Trout or maybe even a Salmon. With him on many of these trips was his life long friend Victor Pomeroy, two men of totally different characters but whose friendship was stuff of legends.

He was elected to the position of honorary life president of Shannon Town in 1974, a position he took very seriously and was very proud of. He attended as many football games in the town as he could manage and was easily distinguishable on the touchline with his blackthorn walking stick which he often used to some effect to get his point across. There are many still involved with the Town who would have been on the receiving end of a tap on the shoulder from this stick if he was in disagreement with them over some issue.

His daughter Eileen Hickey shared his passion for the Town as well, and were often seen to differ on various issues while socialising in the Crossroads Lounge, it was said to give them a wide berth during these discussions. He died in 1976 at the age of 68 while on a trip to Los Angeles to see his eldest daughter Evelyn and the following year Shannon Town honoured his memory by introducing the Wesley Webb cup which is still competed for to this day and ensures that his memory lives on through the generation.

His son Peter Webb, son-in-law Junior Hickey and grandson Michael Hickey have all played for Shannon Town and his grandson Stephen Walton is currently playing for the B team and his great-grandson Jack Carrig is currently playing for the U/13's and U/14's schoolboy teams. His grand-daughter Michelle is one of the only women in Limerick to have won a joint Manager of the Year Award along with her colleague Celest Kelly at schoolboy level.

(Memories by Peter Webb)

Winners Roll Of Honour

1977 Shannon Town FC  (J.Rocks)

1978 Shannon Town FC  (F.Moran)

1979 Park Rangers (P.Webb)

1980 Park Rangers (P.Webb)

1981 Newtown FC (S.Trew)

1982 Park Rangers (P.Webb)

1983 Park Rangers (P.Webb)

1984 Shannon Town FC (F.Moran)

1985 Park Rangers (J.Fitzgerald)

1986 Park Rangers (J.Rocks)

1987 Shannon Town B (K.Brady)

1988 Newtown FC (T.McDade)

1989 Park Rangers (N.Jordan)

1990 Newtown FC (D.Lindsey)

1991 Park Rangers (D.Loughnane)

1992 Park Rangers B (G.Keane)

1993 Park Rangers (Hickey)

1994 Park Rangers (N.Jordan)

1995 Shannon Diamond (G.McIntyre)

1996 Shannon Town FC (K.Power)

1997 Park Rangers (S.Ocallaghan)

1998 Park Rangers (S.Ocallaghan)










2008 Shannon Town FC

2009 Shannon Town FC

2010 Newmarket Celtic (Mike O'Malley)

2011 Shannon Town FC (Darren Griffen)

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