The 300 Club

The 300 club began in 2006 and is designed to assist in funding of changing facilitys for the club.

The existing club house on Corrib Drive dates back to around the time that the dinosaurs became extinct. In fact its rumoured that "The Shack" was actually built from wood that noah had left over after constructing his infamous Ark.

The Shack has served its purpose well and many a sunday morning has been spent in Limerick Regional Hospital waiting for a tetonus injection after coming into contact with The Shack.

Loved by many and loathed by more The Shacks day's now appear to be drawing to an end. The plan is to disembowel the shack in late July 2010. A late bid by the Biedenharm Museum in Alabama, who wanted to reconstruct the entire Shack in Monroe County USA, having been rejected in favour of more traditional means of disposal on the 31st October 2010.

A new 'temporary' construction has been put in place just inside the gate of Corrib Drive and this will provide adequate changing facilities in the short term. This facility will officially open on the very first home match of the Premier Season 2010/11

The site where The Shack now stands is the site of the proposed new dressing rooms, this particular venture has hit serious problems and the whole project changed. The planning permission, granted approximately 5 years ago,  was soon discovered that to tap into the existing services and drains would mean that the club would have to dig back well into Corrib Drive. This prohibitive problem effectively meant the doubling of the cost of the development. New thinking was needed.

Ironically that very same year 2008 other problems began to emerge. A particularly wet winter meant that many weeks went by without matches being played at any level throughout the club. On further investigation it was discovered that some of the underground drains on Corrib Drive would need replacing to provide suitable pitch drainage.

It was around this time that the Committee began looking at other sites. The second pitch used by the club on Lynch Park, standing well above river level and not prone to the same sort of flooding as our spiritual home at Corrib Drive began to get some serious thinking. The old Park Hall site (now demolished) meant that if the club could aquire the ground then services were already directly under foot. With new emphasis found the club invested considerable funds on installing underground drainage systems and environmentally friendly boundary fencing at the Lynch Park site. This work is currently almost complete and with the pitch now in a transition period we should see the first ball kicked on the new field in the season beginning 2011 / 2012.

Coupled with the pitch development we are now working closely with Clare County Council to develop a new clubhouse at the Park Hall site. As always the 300 club has never been more important to the club and the funding of the 300 club is the basis of the clubs future development.


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